What Are the Causes of Head-On Collisions?

Head-on collisions can be devastating. Depending on factors such as how fast the vehicles were going, there can be severe injuries, irreparable property damage, and fatalities. About 10 percent of all road accident deaths are from head-on collisions.

One of the most common causes of head-on collisions is driver distraction. Besides cell phones, drivers have other distractions like GPS devices, music, and passengers. Feeling fatigued can also be distracting, and people often push themselves to the limit by driving when they are too tired; head-on collisions can be caused when drivers fall asleep at the wheel. Intoxicated drivers have drastically impaired judgment and are easily distracted, too. Speeding is also unsafe, putting others at high risk for serious injuries and fatalities. These unpredictable behaviors make it easier for these aggressors to miss road signs, signals, and hazards.

Drivers who lack experience might not understand the rules of the road or possess the skills to avoid accidents. Head-on collisions can also happen because of poor visibility at night or from bad weather. The latter can also lead to slippery road conditions, including black ice, so reducing speed in inclement weather is important.

Different road patterns and construction zones can also be dangerous, especially when they are unexpected and there is heavy traffic. Drivers must pay attention to the signs and slow down.

Can I Sue for a Head-on Collision?

Insurance companies may offer settlements, but those are not always enough to cover the damages. Depending on the circumstances, you may have the option to sue after a head-on collision. In order to pursue a successful case against a negligent driver, you will need to gather solid evidence to prove your case.

Getting an immediate medical evaluation after a car accident is important because many injuries do not present immediate symptoms. This will also give you a record of your diagnosis and treatment that may support your injury claim. Your car accident lawyer can gather additional evidence and protect your rights.

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