How Can Drivers Prepare for Winter?

As winter approaches, it is important to prepare your car for the harsh weather and travel conditions. This involves getting your vehicle ready by checking the battery, tires, and other essential systems to ensure that they are in good condition. By being proactive and taking these necessary steps, you can rest assured that your car[…] Read More

IIHS Reports Vehicle Safety Systems Struggle to See Pedestrians in the Dark

Active safety systems are those that can prevent car accidents from happening and greatly improve driving safety. Lane assist, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic braking are common active safety systems that your vehicle might enable you to use to prevent accidents. While active safety systems help to significantly reduce the odds of an accident occurring, they[…] Read More

What Is Blind-Spot Monitoring?

Modern cars today are being manufactured with innovative features that help prevent car accidents and injuries. These features help drivers remain safe on the roadways. The types of technology in cars that help make up for human error are called advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The ADAS contain sensors, cameras, and computer software that work[…] Read More