How Does Technology Influence Car Accident Cases?

Technology is integrated into most every aspect of our lives and plays a significant role in car accident cases. It can prevent crashes, contribute to their occurrences, and influence cases in other ways.

Driver assistance technologies have advanced significantly in recent years but are not a substitute for vigilance. Lane departure warnings and blind spot detectors alert people to hazards and can prevent accidents, but it is still essential for people to look for themselves before maneuvering. The same holds true for parking assist, adaptive headlights, and steering assist. 

Most drivers recognize the dangers of using handheld devices when behind the wheel, but there is no denying how dangerous this is. Cell phones take away focus from the road, and since technology is so ingrained in daily activities, it is hard to break the habit.

Cameras can be a good source of evidence and are found at intersections, dashboards, and highways. Photos and footage can show how an accident happened and help prove liability.

Vehicles built after 2014 have Event Data Recorders (EDRs), commonly called black boxes. These monitor and record velocity changes, speed, seat belt use, and airbag deployment – many vehicles also have dashboard cameras.

Since cell phone use contributes to so many accidents, it is common for legal teams to seek cell phone records. These can provide evidence of internet use, text messaging, and emails with time stamps showing when a driver was using their phone. It is also possible to track information through GPS devices. All of this helpful information can be subpoenaed.

What Other Evidence Comes From Technology?

Insurance adjusters and courts are often presented with X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds that show the extent of a claimant’s injuries.

Virtual reality is becoming more commonplace in courtrooms, especially for serious car accidents. Expert witnesses are hired to recreate accident scenes to build the most robust cases possible. They study the accident scene, vehicle damage, and weather patterns and create artificial environments shown on computers. These presentations can also show road conditions, physical impact, and who was allegedly at fault.

Some of these technologies might seem intimidating, but they can be valuable tools. Using every available tool at your disposal for a case is essential; an experienced car accident lawyer can help you understand how they work and choose the right ones.

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