How Can You Stay Safe This Back-to-School Season?

The start of the new school year is almost here, which means more vehicles on the road near and in school zones. Additionally, you may encounter student drivers who have little to no driving experience. All of this means that there is a greater potential for car accidents. That is especially true when you are driving near schools when they are about to start classes in the morning or when the school day ends.

Slowing down and paying close attention to road and traffic conditions can help you avoid a back-to-school accident. The following tips can also help you stay safe this upcoming school year.

Bus Stop Safety

When buses are stopped and have their flashers on, you have to stop too, even if you are in the opposing traffic lane. Most school buses have red lights that flash and have a retractable stop sign.

Children get on the buses in the morning and exit them in the afternoon. Their parents might be with them, and you have to stop to give them safe passage if they need to walk across the road.

The entire time that the bus is stopped and its red flashers are on, you need to remain at least 25 feet away, no matter which direction you are traveling. Once the driver turns off the flashers, then it is safe to proceed.

Watch Out for Pedestrians

Many students walk, ride bikes, or use skateboards and scooters to go to and from school. That is especially true when the air is warm and the weather is good.

You should pay very close attention to the walkways and crosswalks to ensure you do not miss a small child or another pedestrian trying to cross the street. The closer you are to a school zone, the more likely there will be pedestrians.

You should obey the speed limit and slow down in school zones that have low speed limits. Many school zones will have a light at either end and a low speed limit, such as 25 miles per hour, posted. When the light is on, you have to travel at the lower speed limit, which makes it safer for students and other pedestrians.

Obey the School Crossing Guards

School crossing guards have the responsibility to do their best to ensure children can use designated crosswalks and intersections safely when they are going to or from school. If you live near a school, you should learn where those school crossing guards typically are posted and at what times of the day.

School crossing guards usually only have a handheld stop sign and a high-visibility vest to wear in order to get your attention. They do not wear a helmet or special safety gear, and neither do the students. You need to stop whenever you see a school crossing guard. Until the crossing guard is back on the sidewalk, you cannot proceed or even turn onto another street.

If you drop your children off at school or pick them up at the end of the school day, you should try not to do so from the other side of the road. Making your children cross the roadway could endanger them.

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