What Steps Should I Take After a Slip and Fall on a Commercial Property?

Commercial property owners are responsible for maintaining reasonably safe premises for visitors. When a dangerous condition exists, the people in charge must act in a reasonable manner to protect others while addressing the danger. For example, a spill is a common occurrence in the customer areas of a busy grocery store. The store’s staff should identify the problem and place cautionary cones to isolate the dangerous condition while protecting customers.

The staff also must act reasonably to correct whatever condition poses a threat to customers. Ignoring a known problem only makes the problem worse and causes the store to be liable for any injuries that might occur. If you slip and fall inside a commercial establishment, the following steps can help you with your claim.

Get Medical Care as Soon as Possible

A slip and fall accident could cause significant injuries that require medical treatment and time to heal. Obtaining medical treatment always is the top priority whenever you suffer an injury.

Getting medical treatment as soon as possible helps confirm the cause of your injury. It also helps make it harder for the store’s management or legal representatives to claim something else caused your accident and subsequent injury.

Document and Report the Accident

You should try to document the accident, which immediate medical treatment helps to accomplish. If you are not seriously injured and have a cellphone with you, taking photographs of the offending condition can help illustrate the establishment’s negligence while clearly showing the cause of your injury.

If there are witnesses, you should try to exchange contact information with them. Their insight should help to prove your accident occurred and what caused it.

Speak With an Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer

Whenever considering filing a lawsuit for damages from a slip and fall accident, you should speak with an experienced lawyer. Your lawyer can build the strongest case possible and support it with evidence.

Your lawyer can help gather relevant information and evidence. Your medical diagnosis and treatment would support the evidence and help show that you suffered harm due to the negligence of the commercial staff or property owner.

Your lawyer also can depose any witnesses and use their testimony to confirm the cause of your injury and the negligence that contributed to it occurring.

With the cause and effect confirmed, your lawyer can build a case that shows the people in charge of the commercial operation violated the duty of care to maintain a reasonably safe premises for you and other visitors.

What Are Possible Damages?

An experienced lawyer can file for the losses you suffered due to the accident. Possible compensation may cover medical costs and lost wages, and you may be compensated for non-monetary losses as well, such as emotional distress.

A lawyer is a strong asset for filing a strong, well-supported claim. When you have a strong case, there is a better chance of obtaining a favorable outcome.

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