How Can I Prove I Suffered Whiplash from My Car Accident?


Whiplash is a painful neck injury that commonly occurs during car accidents. The swelling and inflammation that it causes makes it very unpleasant and could cause you to miss work while healing. 

Whiplash most often happens when you are struck from the rear or the side by another vehicle. The sudden and violent blow can cause your head to bob around, which causes your neck to undergo a whip-like action. 

A whiplash injury is often a delayed injury that might not fully affect you for a couple of days. When it does, it can be painful to move your head and neck.

Whiplash usually heals on its own, but physical therapy often helps to speed up the healing process. The pain and suffering that you endure is a valid claim for compensation from the at-fault driver. 

An experienced car accident lawyer could help you to file a strong claim for pain and suffering and other harms caused by an offending motorist.

Evidence Needed to Prove Whiplash Claims

You need to provide evidence that will show the accident caused your whiplash injury. You also need to show the injury caused you to suffer damages. You will need the diagnosis of a medical professional to confirm you have suffered a whiplash injury. Your doctor can help you to make the direct medical connection to the accident that caused your whiplash injury. 

It helps to obtain medical care right away when you are in an accident. The sooner that you obtain medical care after an accident, the easier it is to show the accident caused your injuries. With the whiplash injury confirmed, you will have to show that it caused damages. 

The cost of medical treatment, physical therapy, and any medicines prescribed for the condition is evidence of financial damages. So is any work you might miss because of the painful condition. 

The pain and suffering also qualify as harm. Your attorney could help you to determine the extent of harm suffered and file strong claims for compensation. 

Some Reasons an Insurer Might Deny Your Whiplash Injury Claim

Even when you have a strong whiplash claim, an insurer might deny it. the insurer might claim you caused the accident and refuse to cover the cost of your injury. 

You need to provide strong evidence that shows the other driver caused the accident and your injury. A police report and a citation for a moving violation that shows the other driver caused the accident could help to determine fault. 

An insurer also might claim the accident did not cause your injury even after you obtain a medical diagnosis that says your whiplash injury is real and very painful. Because whiplash often is a delayed injury that sometimes takes several days to appear, an insurer might say there is no way to prove the accident caused your injury. 

No matter what reason an insurer might cite for denying your claim, an experienced car accident lawyer can help to fight the decision and file a lawsuit if needed. 

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