What Are Common Causes of Holiday Slip and Fall Accidents in Retail Stores?

holiday slip and fall

Slip and fall accidents in retail stores can be very serious and may result in severe injuries. It is important to know that injuries can appear or worsen overtime. Holiday slip and fall accidents become an issue when there is a great deal of merchandise in the stores, overflow of products and displays, people, messy sales floors, and more. During such a hectic retail season, workers may not be able to keep up with maintenance the way they should.

During the holiday season, it is important to watch out for hazardous situations while shopping and walking in parking lots. When the cold weather hits, the snow and ice can create bad walking conditions in parking lots of retail stores and malls.

Another common issue during the holiday season is cluttered walkways. Customers can trip and fall over displays and other objects if walkways are not clear.

Additionally, another slip and fall hazard in retail stores is spilled food and beverages. The store may fail to put up a wet floor sign or clear the area, which could lead to a slip and fall.

Many businesses also like to put up holiday decorations and lights during this time of the year. While this is festive and enjoyable, these decorations can also be slip and fall hazards if not put up properly. For example, a shopper could trip over a loose wire or cord connected to holiday lights.

When Is a Retail Store Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident?

When it comes to store owners, they are responsible for keeping their premises safe for shoppers. It is their responsibility to ensure your safety. If they do not keep their premises safe and clean in a reasonable manner, they could be held liable for your slip and fall injury and related losses. All store owners should make sure their walkways, parking lots, and other high foot traffic areas are clear of hazards, especially snow and ice during the busy holiday season.

If you have been injured in a holiday slip and fall, you should report it right away to the workers and/or managers at the store. It is also important to seek medical attention right after the accident, regardless of how you feel. Seeking a medical professional for a thorough examination will catch any injuries you may not have seen right away. It will also aid your legal case if you wish to pursue one because you will have a direct link between your injury and the slip and fall accident.

It is also helpful to get witness accounts and to take pictures of the hazardous slip and fall conditions. Additionally, contact a lawyer right away to discuss your options.

Mount Holly Slip and Fall Lawyers at the Law Office of David S. Rochman Can Help You if You Have Been Injured in a Holiday Slip and Fall

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