How Can You Drive Safely With Your Pet?

Most people love their pets and want to protect them just like members of the family. When pet owners travel with their pets, there is always the chance that a car accident could happen and their pets could get hurt. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your pet’s trip safer.

These tips will focus mostly on techniques to keep dogs and cats safe while driving. It is important to take precautions to protect your family while driving, including your pets.

Use Harnesses

You can now buy a dog harness that, in conjunction with your seat belt, can protect your dog if you are involved in a car crash. If you have a dog harness, it should be used while keeping your dog in the back seat, not the front. Keeping your dog in the front seat is risky.

Crate Your Pet            

If you travel with your dog or cat, the safest place for them to be is in a crate. This prevents your pet from roaming around the vehicle, which could be distracting. Also, you should be able to fasten the crate down so it cannot fly through the vehicle when there is an accident. The crate should be fastened in either the back seat of the vehicle or in the back of the vehicle if it is an SUV.

Do Not Allow Your Pet in the Front Seat

Pets should not be allowed to sit in the front seat with you. Although it is nice to have your pet sitting next to you, it is not safe for them. Airbags are a significant danger for pets. Airbags are designed to protect humans who are sitting in the front seat, not dogs or other pets.

Do Not Allow Your Pet to Stick Their Head Out of the Window

Dogs love to stick their heads out of windows to enjoy the wind in their face and all the smells. However, this creates a particular risk for your dog. Sometimes, debris and items can get kicked up by your car’s tire and hit your dog in the head, injuring them.

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