What Are Common Surgeries after a Car Accident?

common surgeries

Drivers and passengers who experience physical trauma after a car accident may require a wide range of medical treatments. This can include one or more surgeries. In fact, many surgical procedures may be required following serious or catastrophic collisions. Some are more commonly performed after collisions than others, depending on the type of accidents.

Below are several of the most frequently reported post-accident surgeries.

Typical Post-Accident Surgical Procedures

Surgery to repair broken bones. It is hardly a surprise that an accident could cause anything from a broken arm to a broken ankle. Broken and fractured bones happen regularly after car accidents. Although a broken bone sometimes can be set without surgery, broken bones may require surgical intervention.

How much does it cost to repair broken or fractured bones? The answer varies depending on the severity and location of the break. A broken finger likely will cost less to fix than a fractured hip. In some cases, broken bones necessitate multiple surgeries.

Surgery for internal bleeding and trauma. Bones are not the only body parts that can be affected by the jarring forces of a car accident. Internal organs such as the kidneys, liver, and stomach can sustain damage after a collision. If someone in an accident experiences internal organ bleeding or trauma, immediate surgery may be required to avoid further damage or death.

Not all internal organ surgery involves full-blown surgery. Sometimes, medical professionals may opt for more minimally invasive procedures. However, even a smaller surgery that does not require overnight hospitalization can be costly and require weeks of healing.

Surgery to alleviate brain trauma. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) such as concussions are often associated with car accidents. Occasionally, TBIs will need to be addressed through surgery. A surgical procedure can reduce swelling of and bleeding in the brain. Brain surgeries can also be needed if objects become embedded in a person’s skull and brain during a collision.

Because brain surgery is a specialized type of surgery, it requires a doctor who understands how to deal with the delicate intricacies of the brain. For this reason, the costs of brain surgery are always higher than other types of less complex surgeries.

Surgery to fix the back and spine. The back and spine are just as delicate as the brain, as they contain so many different parts and nerve endings. When a car accident affects the back or spinal cord, immediate surgery may be required.

Depending on the extensive nature of the back or spine trauma, numerous surgeries may be required. This can increase the overall out-of-pocket cost to patients, as well as the time it takes them to be able to return to normal personal and professional life.

Surgery for cosmetic injuries. Not all cosmetic surgeries are elective. For instance, after a car accident, someone may sustain injuries that lead to scarring. It is quite common for patients with noticeable scars on their hands, faces, and other normally exposed body parts to need corrective cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery may not be the first surgery that occurs right after the accident. Even if it is needed months or a year afterward, it should not be regarded as unnecessary. Instead, it should be included when calculating appropriate damages.

Surgery to correct soft tissue trauma. Not all muscle, tendon, or ligament stresses after an accident will get better on their own. Sometimes, what seems like just a strain or a minor problem requires surgery. Although medical teams will often try conservative treatments such as physical therapy first, conservative therapies may not fix the underlying problem.

Soft tissues take time to heal, especially after they have been surgically repaired. It is not unusual for patients to spend quite a bit of time recovering after experiencing a torn muscle or partially torn ligament.

Should I Get Surgery after a Car Accident?

It can be understandable to worry about paying for surgery after a car accident. Sometimes, those injured in collisions must be rushed into surgery and cannot make the decision whether to get the surgery. Other times, though, patients and their families may wonder if surgery is worth it.

Ultimately, those injured need to think about the quality of their lives when faced with the decision whether to undergo surgery. The right surgery can help in a number of ways:

  • Surgery can alleviate pain, making it possible to live life comfortably again.
  • Surgery can allow individuals to return to their jobs and beloved routines.
  • Surgery can make the person feel whole again both physically and emotionally.
  • Surgery can prolong someone’s life after a devastating car accident.
  • Surgery can help someone with scarring feel better psychologically.

Of course, it can be hard to arrange for surgery knowing that most surgical procedures are very expensive. Even patients with personal health care coverage may have to pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket for surgery. If they need multiple surgeries at out-of-network hospitals, their bills can mount quickly.

Will Insurance Pay for All of My Surgeries?

Though insurance companies should be willing to cover the cost of any accident-related surgeries, their representatives may deny initial claims. This can leave patients in difficult financial situations. It can also leave them wondering if they can get by without surgery. Appealing a denied insurance claim can be stressful, particularly for people who are struggling to put their lives back together after a collision. However, delaying surgeries can lead to more problems later.

Therefore, speaking with a car accident lawyer can be beneficial to those involved in a collision and their loved ones. A lawyer can help them understand their situation and rights based on their unique case. Those who need surgery, or had surgery but are dealing with resistant insurance companies, who decide to retain counsel often find the process less troubling than individuals who try to handle the situation themselves. After all, the lawyer can handle all the paperwork and communications with the insurance representatives.

Ultimately, the goal of any person injured in an accident should be to undergo needed medical procedures and get well again without letting money get in the way of health.

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