How to Avoid a Parking Lot Accident During the Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is now in full swing. Busy stores and shopping centers will have packed parking lots, which means there will be many car accidents, both minor and severe. It is easy to get into an accident while trying to park in a busy lot while doing your holiday shopping. The following tips could help you avoid a parking lot accident during the holiday shopping season.

Park Near Small Vehicles

You might not have many options regarding available parking. Yet, whenever possible, it is best to park in a spot that offers a good view of the parking area. Ideally, you will have the option of parking next to a couple of compact cars that enable you to see the parking area better. Parking next to vehicles with low profiles is much better than parking next to a van, SUV, or a tall pick-up truck that obstructs your view.

Do Not Drive While Distracted

Distracted driving while in a parking lot easily could cause an accident, especially when the parking lot is nearly full and lots of vehicles are coming and going. Using a cellphone is a main cause of distracted driving accidents. Although you will be driving at a much lower rate of speed while in a parking lot, using your cellphone while you are driving is still dangerous. You should leave your cellphone alone while you are driving, including when you are trying to find a parking spot.

You should also try to avoid adjusting the car audio system, the heater, or using other controls that might distract your attention.

Do Not Cut Across Parking Lots

It can be tempting to cut across parking lots to shorten the trip to the exit. Even if a parking lot is relatively empty, you should do your best to keep your vehicle within designated travel lanes. When you cut across parking spots, other drivers easily could lose sight of your vehicle. You also could lose sight of other vehicles and suddenly pull into one’s path.

Driving along the designated lanes in parking spots at about five miles per hour will help prevent accidents. You should also abide by stop signs and pay attention to pedestrians.

Maintain Vehicle

Your vehicle should be in good condition at any time of the year. A well-maintained vehicle could help prevent an accident while holiday shopping.

Your brakes need to work their best, and you should have good tires that have traction. If a vehicle or a pedestrian suddenly appears, you can stop more quickly when your brakes and tires are in good condition.

You also should make sure all of your lights are working. Brake lights and turn signals make your vehicle more visible. Your headlights will help you see at night while you are holiday shopping.

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