Who Is At Fault for a Merging Accident?

Drivers need to be extra vigilant when merging onto roads and highways because of the risk of getting into a car accident. Accidents can happen in these spots when one or more drivers are careless or make errors. Determining who is at fault in a merging accident is not always that simple.

Merging accidents happen for different causes, mainly when the driver entering the road does not obey the posted traffic sign. There is typically a yield or stop sign, but often those are ignored even though vehicles already on the road have the right of way. In other cases, drivers merging onto highways do not use turn signals or proceed too slowly or quickly.

These collisions also happen when drivers try to cross over several lanes of traffic when merging all at once. They might not see an approaching vehicle in the farthest lane. Cars driving toward the merge might also speed up because they do not want to let the merging vehicle get in front of them. Sometimes, those approaching vehicles move over at the last minute without looking and crash into others. Merging accidents can also happen when the car coming onto the road misjudges the distance of an approaching vehicle and proceeds into the lane.

Since drivers already on the road have the right of way, it is generally assumed that the ones entering into merges are at fault. There are exceptions; besides speeding up, other drivers may have been negligent in different ways. One example would be texting and driving at the time of the crash.

How Can I Avoid a Merging Accident?

Merging accidents are usually caused by driver error. Pay attention to the traffic sign and use your indicators to prevent one. Wait until traffic has slowed and proceed cautiously, repeatedly checking your mirrors in case an approaching car suddenly appears in the merge lane.

If a vehicle in front of you is also merging, do not tailgate them; it is safer to wait until they are far ahead. Do not speed up when you are on a highway and see an approaching merge. Change lanes when safe or slow down to allow the vehicle to proceed.

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim for a Merging Accident?

You may be eligible to file a claim if the other driver was fully or partly responsible for what happened. If you feel that another driver was negligent, pursuing a personal injury claim might be worthwhile. You might be awarded compensation for your injuries and property damage. A car accident lawyer can help with this and will work to gather evidence.

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