How to Drive Safely on Snow and Ice

Many people look forward to snow, but that scenic beauty has a downside – slippery, slushy, and icy roads. Conditions can still be hazardous, even after snow and ice are cleared away. That is particularly true at night and in heavy traffic. Below are ways to help stay safe in snowy and icy road conditions.

Prepare Yourself and Your Car

You should only drive in the snow and ice when necessary. When you cannot avoid that, take some extra time to prepare. Ensure you have a full emergency kit in your trunk, including jumper cables, water, non-perishable snacks, phone chargers, and blankets.

Before heading out, remove any ice and snow from your car and warm it up. Check your tire pressure and set the route on your GPS before leaving. Lastly, put your cell phone on Do Not Disturb mode, and ensure everyone is buckled in.

Slow Down

The AAA advises drivers to slow down in poor weather conditions because tires have less traction on snow and ice. To stay safer, increase your following distance to allow extra room when you need to stop.

Even if you have antilock brakes, keep your heel on the floor and only use the ball of your foot to use the brake pedal. Firm, steady pressure is better than slamming on them at any speed. If you are going up a slippery hill, take it easy on the gas pedal, too. Add some pressure to get going and ease up at the top of the hill. Once you are over, lessen the pressure again. Most importantly, never stop when going up a hill.

Do Not Use Cruise Control

Using cruise control when driving on slippery roads is unwise. When a speed is set, it might not disengage fast enough when needed. It can also take away your focus and reduce reaction time.

Keep Your Headlights On

Also, keep your headlights on when driving in snow and ice, even during the day. This will improve your visibility and help others see you more easily.

Avoid Distractions

The next piece of advice is to avoid distractions. Even with the cell phone on Do Not Disturb, your attention might be drawn to other passengers, accidents on the sides of roads, eating, drinking, or grooming. It is essential to maintain focus when driving conditions are hazardous.

Do Not Drink and Drive

Rideshare services, designated drivers, and hotel rooms are three ways to prevent drunk driving accidents. If you see another driver who seems to be under the influence, move away from them slowly. You may want to pull over and contact the authorities or have a passenger do so when possible.

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