Why Do Car Accidents Increase on Labor Day Weekend?

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of summer, signifying fall and school are coming quickly. It is also an important holiday that celebrates worker contributions to the nation. The combination of the end of summer and worker celebration makes Labor Day weekend among the most traveled and deadliest holidays of the year. When local road-going mishaps cause injuries or worse, an experienced lawyer might be needed.

Only Independence Day produces more holiday traffic than Labor Day weekend. That partly is due to Independence Day generally being a four-day holiday as well as the first true national holiday each summer.

With schools in session and more people getting back to work following the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown, there is a great potential for highly congested roadways from late afternoon on Sept. 2 through Labor Day weekend. It is likely that more people will be on the road returning from their holiday activities on Labor Day than on the Tuesday afterward due to school and work schedules.

According to the Automobile American Association (AAA) forecast, 37 million vehicles are expected to be on the roads over the holiday weekend. With more locales now open thanks to vaccination efforts, more vehicles will be on the roads this year. More vehicles on the roads means that more car accidents will likely occur.

The average death toll during Labor Day weekend is about 11 percent higher than the remainder of September. The weather and road conditions generally are the same throughout September, with only rainstorms generally affecting travel conditions. The 11 percent increase in road fatalities holds even greater significance than months when weather greatly impacts travel.

Additionally, drunk driving largely contributes to motor vehicle accidents on Labor Day weekend. Drinking and driving is a very significant factor in spurring holiday death tolls on U.S. roadways. The best solution is to not drink and drive, and designate a sober driver when going out during the holiday weekend. Unfortunately, many drivers will ignore that simple safety precaution and put more than their own lives at risk.

How can Drivers Prevent Labor Day Car Accidents?

Driving sober is one of the best ways to prevent accidents over the Labor Day holiday weekend. Additionally, getting a good amount of sleep can help drivers stay alert and not engage in highly dangerous behaviors. Drowsy driving has many of the same effects as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drowsy driving puts other motorists and their passengers at risk.

Distracted driving is one of the deadliest factors in traffic accidents, and it is the leading cause of death among teenage drivers. Adults as well as teenagers need to leave their cellphones and other mobile communications alone while in the car. Responding to text messages while driving takes eyes off of the road for several seconds at a time, which is the same as traveling while blind. Waiting to read and respond to text messages and waiting until parked to place phone calls will help to protect drivers and their passengers.

Many families will travel with young children in their vehicles. Young children are generally too small for airbags to protect them and could become injured by them. Disabling airbags designed to protect adults can protect young children. Install and correctly use child safety seats to ensure infants and other small children have the best possible protection while traveling.

Prepare the Vehicle for Travel

While drivers have a significant impact on whether or not accidents might occur during the Labor Day weekend, so do the owners of vehicles. Vehicles must be maintained properly and have good tires to ensure they are in the safest possible condition for holiday travel.

Summer in particular requires vehicles that can handle hotter temperatures while also enabling vehicles to find traction during rainstorms. More people take time off of work and have school-age and college-age children at home during the Labor Day holiday weekend. More people off work and out of school means more people in vehicles during the holiday. Vehicle owners need to ensure their respective cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans are in good operating condition with safe brakes, tires, and all mechanical systems working as designed.

It also helps to learn how to use the many advanced safety features now included as standard equipment on most vehicles. If a vehicle has adaptive cruise control with following distance indicators and automated braking, the driver needs to know how to use the technology properly.

When motorists are ignorant of the same safety systems provided to prevent accidents, they might use the systems improperly or ignore them altogether. It is important to ensure the safety systems work properly and drivers know how to use them for maximum effectiveness.

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