Do I Need a Witness for My Car Accident Case?

When you drive on a regular basis, odds are you will be in at least one accident and maybe more. The more registered vehicles and licensed drivers in your locale, the more likely an accident will happen.

When another motorist causes an accident, the fault might not be clear. Worse, that driver might lie about the cause and try to blame you.

A witness might tip the scales of justice in your favor and hold an at-fault driver liable for causing an accident. Fortunately, you do not always need a witness to prevail when filing a car accident claim.

Situations in Which a Witness Is Not Needed

When another driver clearly causes an accident and there is no question who is at fault, you do not need a witness. In such cases, there often is evidence that confirms who caused an accident.

If another motorist ran a red light and t-boned you in the side, the damage would help to prove who caused the accident. The offending driver mostly would have front-end damage while your car mostly would have damage on one side.

The same is true of rear-end collisions in which your car suffers mostly rear-end damage while the other suffers mostly front-end damage. The damage and its location could help to affirm who caused the accident.

Skid marks also can help to show the direction in which a vehicle was traveling and its approximate speed. A traffic camera, security camera, or maybe a dash cam also might record the accident and impact while clearly revealing the cause.

If the offending driver also were ticketed for a moving violation or maybe was arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, odds are you would not need a witness. The evidence would support your claim.

When a Witness Could Make a Big Difference

A witness always is a good source of evidence when the fault is contested – especially when the other motorist is lying. A random witness who happened to see the accident and was not involved can be a very strong asset for prevailing on your accident claim.

More than one is even better. Multiple third-party witnesses who agree on how the accident happened and which driver caused it could help you to clear up the matter of liability.

A passenger also might be a good witness, but that person could be less credible when also filing a claim for injuries. A passenger who filed an accident claim might be considered a co-plaintiff instead of an impartial witness.

How to Get Witnesses After an Accident

If you are in an accident and do not need immediate medical care, try to exchange contact information with any witnesses. Hopefully, there are several who stuck around the scene after seeing the accident and are willing to testify on your behalf.

A quality witness is important: if a witness is drunk or otherwise intoxicated, that person would not be a good witness. An opposing attorney could cast doubt on any testimony provided by that person.

You want witnesses who clearly saw the accident, will affirm your side of the story, and is of sound mind. You need to find those witnesses who are willing to testify in a deposition and who will support your claim and potential case.

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