Can I Still Suffer Serious Injuries from Low-Speed Accidents?

When we think of car accidents that cause serious injuries, our minds often jump to scenes of high-impact crashes involving vehicles traveling at high speeds. Although some of the most dramatic car accidents do involve such intense scenarios, the majority of car accidents are fender-benders or low-speed collisions that leave little damage to the cars[…] Read More

Can Traumatic Brain Injuries Occur from Car Accidents?

One of the most severe personal injuries that anyone can sustain is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports approximately 1.7 million TBIs annually in an isolated injury or along with other injuries. Additionally, the CDC reports that annual head trauma results in roughly 230,000 hospitalizations, 50,000 deaths,[…] Read More

What Are Some Winter Driving Safety Tips?

Winter weather creates extremely dangerous road conditions, making driving a frightening experience. According to AAA, nearly half a million car accidents per year are winter weather related and result in over 2,000 fatalities. Snow, freezing rain, and ice alter the roadways and vehicles, decrease visibility, and can severely compromise our ability to drive. When it[…] Read More

What Happens if I Slip and Fall at an Airport?

Airports are hectic places, featuring people rushing to departure gates and groups of people clustered together awaiting disembarking passengers. There are wet floors, thousands of carry-on bags and luggage lying about, transport vehicles rushing through, food and gift carts, cleaning carts, and many more obstacles to navigate as you move through. All these factors and[…] Read More